When your teeth are not as white as you would like

teeth whiteningAre your teeth not as sparkling white as you would like? Are you concerned about the colour or appearance of your teeth?

Appearance for many people is important and one of the areas of particular emphasis is the teeth, as they are so easily seen by work colleagues, friends and relatives.

We offer various teeth whitening options available ranging from whitening toothpastes to light-activated methods available in our Quarry Park Dental office.

The usual options available are at home teeth whitening where you take part in the whitening process and in office whitening when we do most of the work.

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At home whitening

We will start the whitening process by providing you with a custom made mouth tray. We will provide some whitening gel which you put into the tray yourself either by using a syringe or tube. This substance normally contains either between 10 and 20% of hydrogen peroxide or carbide peroxide.

We will decide on the percentage and will issue you with all necessary instructions including when is the best time of the day to fit the tray into your mouth and for how long. Typically, it is worn for several hours either during the day or at night for 2 weeks.

If stains start to reappear the tray can be worn for a day or two to keep on top of the staining. This type of tray minimizes gum sensitivity and ensures that your stained teeth are exposed correctly to the whitening substance.

This bleaching process can whiten your teeth by five shades or more, helping to eliminate surface and deeper stains.

In office whitening

In order to remove stains, we follow a certain procedure as follows.

  • Your teeth will be cleaned first with pumice, which will remove any plaque from your teeth.
  • A protective barrier is positioned along the gum line so that the rest of the mouth is protected from the whitening solution.
  • Your teeth on their front surfaces are coated with the whitening solution which is either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.
  • A laser may be used which heats and activates the peroxide.
  • The substance stays on the teeth for up to 60 minutes.
  • As soon as the best shade has been accomplished, or the maximum allowable time for the application has been reached, your teeth will be rinsed with fluoride and water.
  • As the tooth enamel’s pores have been opened in the procedure,, you must avoid food and drink that is highly pigmented like red wine, coffee, mustard, tomato sauce and tobacco for 24 hours following the procedure.

Is it time to get rid of unsightly stains on your teeth?

Everyone responds in a different way to whitening procedures. It may be the case that the discolouration is so bad on your teeth that neither an in-office or an at-home whitening solution is applicable.

We can discuss this with you and offer veneers or bonding to improve your teeth’s appearance if that is what suits you.

Call us today, we may have the right teeth whitening solution for you.

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