Are you feeling down because of a missing crown?

dr_w_client1The crown is the top part of your tooth. It is a very important part of the tooth and should provide strength and protection to the rest of the tooth when healthy.

If you have a crown that needs repairing or replacing, the dentistry techniques for doing just that have been well established.

There a variety of different materials used in crowns, including porcelain, which we use here at Quarry Park Dental to help restore and improve the appearance of your teeth.

They provide support to weak, damaged or broken teeth and can make improvements to your bite, too.

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How porcelain crowns can help with dental problems

  • Soft or weak teeth
  • Teeth that have a lot of fillings
  • When bridgework is needed
  • Chipped, misshapen or discoloured teeth
  • Cover for a dental implant
  • Following root canal treatment
  • Creating a healthy bite.

Crowns can be made from just metal, porcelain combined with metal or just porcelain. Crowns made completely from metal are more durable but most of our patients prefer porcelain because it is not so visible. Porcelain when fused to metal does help to conceal the metallic component as the metal is under the porcelain. 

Porcelain crowns have such a natural appearance it is hard to tell them apart from natural teeth.

Improvements in technology has created porcelain that is every bit as strong as metal.

How we perform crown treatment

Once you have decided to have porcelain crowns, we will numb the area before preparation of the teeth begin. This will enable us to reshape the teeth requiring crowns. This could involve some minor filing or the removal of some of the natural tooth material to enable an anchoring point for the crown.

Once this has been done an impression is made of the tooth, which will be used to make a well fitting crown.

A temporary crown is used to protect the tooth in the mean time but it is necessary to avoid chewing sticky food as this could disrupt this temporary crown.

Once your porcelain crowns are in place the teeth will need the same care as if they were all natural. That means regular brushing and flossing as well as attending check-ups at Quarry Park Dental to ensure your teeth remain healthy.

Get started with porcelain crowns

Crowns are good for repairing chips and cracks, and can improve facial appearance; call us and arrange a consultation at Quarry Park Dental and we will discuss the use of a suitable porcelain crown or crowns to possibly help restore your confidence and the stability and strength of your teeth.

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