Have you lost a tooth?

dr_w_client3A dental bridge is an artificial tooth that is fixed to the neighbouring teeth. Dental bridges made of porcelain can restore your smile in a natural-looking way without you having to have a denture fitted.

Replacing a missing tooth with a porcelain bridge could not only restore confidence in your appearance but it could also help prevent a misaligned bite, due to shifting teeth, and the resulting temporomandibular pain.

It can help to prevent other nearby teeth moving out of place and causing health problems further down the track. It can also make it easier to keep your teeth and gums healthy by avoiding having unnecessary gaps where bacteria can collect and thrive.

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A porcelain bridge can bring back a smile to your face

Dental bridges made from porcelain or other suitable materials are less expensive generally than dental implants and the procedure is also less invasive than surgery for tooth replacement.

A dental bridge can help to bring the smile back to your face and restore your self confidence when you open your mouth. Perhaps more importantly it can help to improve your overall oral health and the way your bite functions.

How we can help you bridge that gap

We will assess whether a bridge is a suitable option for your missing tooth or teeth and suggest one of several different ways of bridging the gap in your teeth.

There are several ways of providing a dental bridge depending on how many teeth are actually missing and whether a gap in your teeth has healthy neighbouring teeth on both sides, or just on one side.

The most common bridge type for a gap with teeth on both sides is the use of a porcelain crown which is attached to a metal structure and fits neatly over the tops of the neighbouring teeth. What is called a pontic actually fits into the space in between.

When a missing tooth only has one neighbouring tooth in place, a cantilever type bridge can be used.

When a decision has been made about the type of bridge that will suit your needs, we will take an impression of your teeth and remove a little of the enamel on the supporting teeth to enable the porcelain crown to fit on top. The impressions will serve as the template for both the crown and the pontic.

Is a bridge what you need?

If you have a missing tooth or teeth you should schedule an appointment with our dentist’s office in Quarry Park – SE Calgary and we will assess what we think may be the best way to rejuvenate your smile and fill the gap in your teeth.

Dental bridges are often a very good option for many people but they are not always the best option for everybody. A consultation with one of our dentists will provide you with information about the various dental options available so you can make an informed decision.

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