Good news for anxious dental patients

Have you been putting off a much needed visit to the dentist? Many Canadians do not like to visit the dentist unless they really have to, because they suffer from dental anxiety. Fortunately, there are dental sedation options that offer a safe, relaxed, dental experience available here at Quarry Park Dental office in SE Calgary. They may just suit the person who is concerned but needs to know that their teeth are in good health. We specialize in nitrous oxide, which is often better known as laughing gas.

The use of nitrous oxide is to control anxiety at a dental visit and despite the name, has really nothing to do with making you laugh! Some people think that dental sedation means they fall asleep completely throughout the procedure. In fact, most sedation techniques let the patient stay awake, although on occasions sleepiness can be a side effect.

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How nitrous oxide helps the patient relax

Nitrous oxide is a mild sedative which is delivered using a nose hood and administered during the entire dental procedure. It puts the recipient into a good mood and makes the person feel happy and relaxed. Most of all, it controls anxiety and alleviates pain throughout the procedure. There are very few side effects when we use nitrous oxide. These are some of the benefits of using nitrous oxide:

  • alleviates anxiety;
  • not many side effects;
  • no needles are involved;
  • it is painless;
  • it is safe;
  • shortens treatment time.

Nitrous oxide also works rapidly as it reaches the brain within a period of 20 seconds, and pain suppressant and relaxation will develop after 2 or 3 minutes. The depth of the sedation can be changed at an instant too unlike other types of sedation techniques. You won’t experience any hangover as the effect of the gas disappears after 5 minutes which allows you to drive home safely.

Our nitrous oxide doses are easy to control

It’s easy to give a dose of nitrous oxide and follow it by a second dose until the right level of relaxation and sedation is reached. For some procedures involving the gums in particular such as deep cleaning we may decide that it is appropriate to use nitrous oxide and not a local anaesthesia as it does act as a useful painkiller on the soft tissues that are found in the gums.

This type of inhalation sedation is considered to be safe and with such few side effects it will have no effect on the heart, brain, lungs, kidneys or liver.

Put your dental anxiety on hold

Make an appointment with us today and discuss how you can alleviate your anxiety about dental treatment by asking us about nitrous oxide or laughing gas.

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