What dental implants can do for you

Capped Dental Implant ModelDental implants can replace missing teeth and offer a much needed substitute to support the role of your teeth.

Each dental implant we provide for you at Quarry Park Dental will be moulded into your jawbone and acts as a sturdy foundation for a new artificial tooth.

Implants are usually made from hardwearing titanium and look like screws or cylinders. They are in fact replacements for the roots of your teeth where they are needed and can be used in your lower or in your upper jaws. They attach well to the gum tissue and jawbone to ensure a stable foundation for one or more dental crowns, which are custom made replacement teeth.

Dental implants with crowns also offer the ability to masticate food more easily.

They can help to restore the face shape which often looks sunken when a natural tooth has been lost.

In this way, dental implants can restore both the look and function of a missing tooth.

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Who makes a good dental implant candidate?

You need to be in good overall health with healthy gums and have sufficient bone in your jaw which is able to support a post for the new tooth.

You should be prepared to maintain good oral hygiene to ensure the new tooth and surrounding gums remain healthy.

You should be prepared to attend regular dental check-ups in order to ensure your teeth are monitored and kept in good shape.

How we put a dental implant in place

The implant is fixed into the jaw surgically so that the tip of the implant can be seen above the bone. The gum tissue is folded over the implant so that it will be covered over for around 3 to 6 months while it becomes integrated with the bone. This is called “osseointegration.”

The next stage is the uncovering of the implant so that we can attach a post. The gum tissue will heal around the post.

Some implant surgery requires a second procedure when a post is fixed in place to link up the replacement teeth.

Once the post is ready the final stage involves making a crown with the same shape, size and colour of any adjacent teeth. This crown is fitted onto the post.

Could dental implants be right for you?

Call us or click here to arrange an appointment with one of our dentists.

We will make a full assessment of your teeth and particularly examine the area around your missing tooth or teeth. There are usually several options available for replacing a missing tooth so we will explain these to you clearly.

With the help of the information and discussion with us, you can make an informed decision whether dental implants are right for you.

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