Do you need a filling?

xraysDo you think you have a cavity forming?

Often, you can feel this with the tip of your tongue, but it is more practical to visit the dentist to find out if a cavity really exists.

Cavities do need to be filled fairly quickly because they can lead to further damage if left untended. Food and bacteria can collect easily inside a cavity and cause further tooth decay.

Fillings for this sort of dental problem are common dental procedures and can help to preserve your teeth and maintain the smile on your face.

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What exactly is a dental filling?

An established way of dealing with a cavity formed by bacteria that has eroded the tooth is to fill it with a compatible material that can restore the tooth to its normal shape and function.

Filling material today includes gold, amalgam which can be made from an alloy of silver, mercury, tin, copper and occasionally zinc and the popular tooth coloured composite resin.

Traditional amalgam fillings are not only very hard wearing but they are cost effective too. They were the norm for a long time but people are now looking for a filling material that is less noticeable.

Fillings made from composite resins can be matched to the colour of adjacent teeth so are barely noticeable. The ingredients, once they have been mixed, are placed into the cavity where hardening takes place. Their longevity does not exceed gold but they may well last for up to 10 years.

How we can fill that cavity in your mouth

One of our dentists can recommend the most suitable filling to restore your teeth. We will need to examine your teeth carefully before offering our advice as each person is different when it comes to filling material choice.

We normally advise you based on any information you may provide such as any known allergies you may have.

If you choose, these can be made in our laboratory and one of our dentists can then fix the filling or fillings into place. Gold inlays adapt well to gum tissues and have a lifespan of up to 20 years. Gold is undoubtedly a very good material but it is expensive relative to the use of other materials and a number of visits to one of our dentists may be necessary too.

If you are looking for a gold substitute that isn’t as noticeable and is matched to your tooth, porcelain fillings can be made to order in our lab which are bonded to the tooth. They are not as economical as amalgam but they are stain free.

Time to stop the rot

If you think that you either have a cavity or that one is developing you should see us at Quarry Park Dental.

If we think a cavity should be filled, the decay will be removed first and the affected area will be cleaned. The filling material either recommended as appropriate by one of our dentists or chosen by you will be placed into the cavity which can restore and shape the affected tooth.

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