What happens during a dental cleaning?

toolsMany people visit our dental office in SE Calgary to get their teeth cleaned so that the onset of tooth decay is minimized. This is routine work for our dental team and can be accomplished in one or two visits depending on the amount of cleaning required.

Regular dental cleaning is a common routine procedure and is often called scaling.

One of our dental hygienists or dentists at Quarry Park Dental in SE Calgary will remove damaging plaque and tartar from the outer side of your teeth below and above the gum line. If left in place plaque and its hardened form, tartar, can cause cavities to develop which may allow bacteria to multiply thus further damaging your teeth.

There is another type of teeth cleaning that we can offer at our office in SE Calgary and that is deep cleaning. This takes place if one of our dentists at a routine examination notices any sign of gum disease.

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Deep cleaning can help prevent gum disease

A periodontal probe is used to carefully measure the depth of your “periodontal pockets,” which are found between your gums and teeth. The depth of a healthy pocket is normally around 3 millimetres or less. If there are deeper spaces present this could be an indication of gum disease and we may recommend a deep clean.

Probing the gum tissue is a painless procedure and is essential to evaluate the current status of your gums.

This type of cleaning does involve the same elimination of tartar and plaque at and below the gum line but careful cleaning of the surfaces of the roots takes place as well which we call root planing. Deep cleaning can help you to avoid more aggressive treatment for gum disease such as tooth extractions.

When one of our dental team in SE Calgary undertakes root planing, damaging plaque and tartar are removed from the roots and the root’s rough areas where bacteria tend to collect.

Root planing could take up to two hours and several visits may be required to our dental hygienist at our dental office.

How we can bring your teeth back to health with root planing

When we conduct root planing we may use scalers, combined with an ultrasonic cleaner or if necessary a laser to eliminate plaque and tartar.

The laser method typically entails less discomfort, swelling and bleeding. We may need to numb the area with a numbing gel or a local anaesthetic to ensure you experience minimal discomfort.

Once the cleaning has been completed you should follow up the treatment by brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily with a fluoride based toothpaste, avoid tobacco and eat a balanced diet.

Take advantage of our dental cleaning service

If you want to keep your teeth healthy you could arrange an appointment at our SE Calgary dental office where you can find out what type of cleaning would be most suitable for you.

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