Bridging the gap in your teeth

dr_w_client2A dental bridge is a fixture between two crowns and is designed to fill the space left behind when one or more of your teeth have been lost.

When they have been positioned correctly and firmly fixed in place, dental bridges can bring back your smile, enable you to speak and chew properly, help to maintain your face shape, restore your bite to near normal by providing replacement teeth and keeping original teeth in the right position.

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Different bridges to suit your situation

Dental bridges come in three different types.

  • Traditional bridges are made of ceramics or porcelain integrated with metal. They involve the creation of a crown for the original tooth or an implant on both sides of the space created by the missing tooth. What is called a pontic or a replacement tooth is fixed in between.
  • Cantilever bridges are normally used when adjacent teeth only exist on one side of the tooth that is missing.
  • Maryland bridges are composed of plastic gums and teeth which are supported by a framework of metal and metal wings on the bridge and both sides are bonded to existing teeth.

How we can bridge the gap in your teeth

When you arrange a consultation with us, we will discuss with you the most suitable option for bridging that gap. Once this has been established the preparation of abutment teeth takes place. This involves the recontouring of these teeth by removing some of the enamel to make some room for the placement of a crown.

This step is followed by making an impression of your teeth, which acts as a model for our dental laboratory to make a bridge, crowns and pontic. We will then place a temporary bridge while your bridge is in the process of being made.

At your second visit, the temporary bridge is removed and the permanent bridge is fixed in place. Even though we ensure the dental bridge is a good fit, it may be necessary to return just to have the final adjustments made to the bite.

We may fix the bridge in temporarily and after two weeks it will be fixed permanently which helps to ensure it is in the right place.

Find out if a dental bridge is the right option for your missing tooth

Once you have adjusted to a new life with a dental bridge you will benefit by returning to eating your favourite foods and opening your mouth wide when you wish to smile.

Dental bridges may give you that pleasure for up to 15 years if you attend regular checkups and maintain good oral hygiene.

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