What is dental bonding used for?

broken toothBonding involves the use of a composite substance which is designed to repair a fractured, decayed, spotty, chipped or discoloured tooth.

Bonding differs from veneers as it bonds directly to the affected tooth and does not require any fabrication in a dental laboratory as does a veneer.

The most common use of bonding is to improve the outer appearance of a chipped or discoloured tooth. It is also often used as a way of closing any unnecessary spaces between teeth. It can lengthen teeth and change the color and shape of them too.

As well as being one of the least expensive and easiest cosmetic dental options it can be shaped so that it matches with any surrounding teeth

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What bonding can do for you

We can use bonding as a cosmetic alternative to using amalgam fillings or to add protection to a tooth’s root which has been exposed when gums have receded.

In a nutshell using the bonding method provided by our SE Calgary dental team could help to improve your facial appearance especially when you smile. Dental bonding can be a good option to deal with tooth imperfections.

Little preparation is necessary for bonding

At Quarry Park Dental, we use a shade guide to select the composite resin color that will match the colour of the tooth closest to the one that is to be treated.

Once the correct colour has been chosen our dentist will roughen the surface and the tooth will be lightly coated with a conditioning liquid. This helps the bonding material to stick well.

We will then apply a putty-like tooth coloured resin which is both moulded and smoothed until it reaches the best shape. The material with the use of a laser or an ultra violet light is hardened. This method helps to ensure it has a long life span.

It hardens quickly, which allows us to further shape and trim it, followed by a polishing, which means it will better match adjacent teeth. You may be surprised to know that it will look as if the tooth was natural after the bonding has taken place.

Find out if dental bonding could help you

We understand that you probably love to smile to show your emotions but may be inhibited if your teeth have imperfections. We can help to change that with our dental bonding techniques.

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