Are you missing a tooth?

drs_xrayDentures can be the answer to anyone who has multiple missing teeth. Missing teeth can be the result extractions, accidents, or decay.

Dentures are custom made appliances, and come in two forms – full and partial dentures. A full denture, as the name suggests, is used when someone is missing all of his or her teeth and a partial denture is used when less teeth are missing. We offer both types here at Quarry Park Dental.

The patient may feel less confident when smiling as showing gaps in the teeth may not seem very appealing. As well, sometimes missing teeth can affect the ability to sound normal when speaking.

As it becomes difficult to bite and chew when few teeth are present the desire for one’s favourite foods may diminish.

Missing teeth can also affect oral health and can result in shifting of adjacent teeth, which can throw off the bite; plaque can also build up in the spaces between teeth.

For these reasons, it is important to get missing teeth replaced.

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Types of dentures

Dentures made these days are designed not just to restore the biting and chewing functions of the teeth but add to one’s appearance too, and as they are barely noticeable, they provide a good solution for missing teeth.

Complete dentures have a coloured plastic base that is similar in appearance to the gum tissue and provides a support for a whole set of porcelain or plastic teeth.

The full denture forms a seal with the gums which keeps it in place. They can also be kept in position by being attached to dental implants that have been fixed permanently into the jawbone.

Partial dentures come in a metal framework or a plastic base that gives support to those teeth that need replacing. Clasps and rests are used to keep it in position using the remaining natural teeth but with care.

Partial dentures made from plastic are often used in an emergency for the temporary replacement of teeth that are now missing. It allows the bone and gums to heal before a long term restorative plan has been put into practice.

How we fit dentures to suit your oral needs

If you have been fitted with dentures, it will take time to get used to what they can do. It might be a little difficult at first inserting and removing the dentures and it is likely you will experience sore gums for a while.

We can make adjustments to the dentures to make them more comfortable.

Eating your favourite food with dentures requires a certain amount of practice. We suggest you start with soft foods and chew the food alternating from one side to another of the mouth and introduce harder more solid food slowly. We don’t suggest you eat sticky or chewy foods.

As soon as the tongue and cheeks get familiar with the denture, it will be easier to keep it in the right position.

Speaking will need practice too when dentures are worn and when you yawn or laugh, it is possible that the denture may move out of place.

All of the functions you used to perform with your mouth and teeth can be performed with dentures after you get used to them.

Dental implants are an alternate option to missing teeth, and serve as a permanent solution.

Find out if dentures are right for you

We can help you determine if dentures are the right option to replace your missing teeth.

Arrange an appointment at Quarry Park Dental and we can walk you through your options and get you on your way to a complete and functional smile.

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