Who needs a mouth guard?

Funny hockey player smiling with one tooth missing.Do you play sports? Do you ever worry about an injury to your teeth?

A mouth guard is a custom made appliance worn to protect the teeth during sports activities. Mouth guards are suitable for use by both adults and children who take part in contact sports. These include boxing, basketball, football, lacrosse, soccer, ice hockey and field hockey.

There are other vigorous sports too, such as gymnastics, mountain biking and skate boarding where surprise accidents can happen and injuries to the teeth and mouth might take place.

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How mouthguards protect your teeth and jaw

An injury while playing contact sports or other vigorous sports can result in misalignment of the jawbone and a ‘bad bite’. This condition basically means that when the upper and lower sets of teeth come together they do not match as well as they should.

If this misalignment is not corrected it can lead to temporomandibular disorder, a combination of painful symptoms caused by damage to the important facial temporomandibular joint, or TMJ.

A mouthguard can help to prevent this debilitating jaw problem. A mouth guard can also help prevent teeth grinding at night which can do serious damage to the teeth as well as the TMJ of both adults and children if this habit is not controlled.

Basic mouthguards are available for purchase at most sports stores and department stores too. As they are not custom made it is difficult to adjust them for personal use. You might find that they sometimes inhibit talking and breathing.

If you play a lot of sports it is a wise investment in your oral health to obtain a custom-fitted mouthguard from a dentist.

We custom design mouth guards

Our dental office in SE Calgary provides custom-fitted mouth protectors which are designed for each individual and are made in our professional laboratory. When you arrange a consultation with us, we can make a model of your teeth by creating an impression of them.

The mouth guard is then moulded using the model of your teeth with a special material. These mouth guards are a nice, neat fit and meet the needs of the individual recipient.

Normally, our mouth guards cover just the upper teeth, but if required we can make one for your lower teeth too. A useful mouth guard has to be comfortable, tear resistant, last a long time and should not inhibit your oral activities.

It might be time for you to get a mouth guard

If you are tired of narrowly missing tooth loss in the contact sports you play, you should contact us here at Quarry Park Dental, and we can assess your requirements and will design a suitable mouth guard to protect your teeth from injury when you most need it.

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